Attention - Lord Irvine of Lairg
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Welcome to my introductory page. I am a UK. citizen who has for years been trying to get the Lord Chancellor to take action against a corrupt Circuit Judge who, with his accomplice: a Court shorthand writer, conspired and fabricated evidence, purportedly given by Police witnesses, out of a criminal trial for the protection of those Police witnesses and to draw his attention to the conspiracy that resulted within his department, for the protection of the corrupt trial Judge and five other Judges' who unlawfully struck out my civil action against him and his accomplice. My original web site exposing these matters was shut down unlawfully by my ISP upon a complaint from the Lord Chancellor and that was not the action that I wished him to take, but it is in line with the conspiracy within his department in order to try to gag me. Officials within his department (with or without his blessing) felt compelled to take that unlawful action for one reason and one reason only - they are aware; from the documentary evidence, that is in their possession, that every word that I published is nothing but the truth.
The action taken in closing down my site has backfired, because my pages are now mirrored in several sites by people who hold to the principle of free speech: links below.
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